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NOW Plastics Europe is a premier supplier of flexible packaging products to both the food and non-food markets   . Our highly trained staff can discuss your needs in detail and make appropriate recommendations to you. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best possible flexible packaging products and materials from exceptional manufactuerers worldwide. This enalbes us to offer our customers the best quality that the world has to offer at highly competitive prices. Our products are produced by companies that have BRC/IOP accreditation or ISO 9000 and/or ISO 14000 or similar and HAACP certifications and are approved for food contact.
We tailor our supply programs to the needs of our customers. Larger buyers may choose to arrange for a container to be shipped directly to their facility, saving handling costs, while others perfer to buy in pallet quantities for certain items or mixed pallets comproised of multiple products, all shipped from our centrally located UK warehouse. We create supply-chain programs that bring value to our customers.
Our core products consist of polypropylene printed and unprinted bags and films, primarily targeted for bakery, catering and produce applications, but are also suitable for textile and industrial applications as well.  Bags can be produced with micro-perforations, laser perforations and punched holes to create the desired respiration rates. Our films can be supplied in jumbo rolls for printers and converters or smaller rolls which are used on overwrapping machines and in-store sealing equipment.
In response to market demands, we are pleased offer our customers more environmentally friendly packaging films which are degradable but still provide ample shelf-life at the retail level.  Our specially formulated polypropylene is free of genetically modified substances and is significantly lower in cost than PLA (corn starch) films.

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