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NOW Plastics offer some of the flattest biaxiallly orientated nylon film available today. This film is excellent for packaging that requires tremendous mechanical properties such as tensil strength, puncture resistance and certain barrier properties.
Our films are made on state of the art equipment and we can offer both tenter-framed extrusion and blown extrusion films. The key advantages/differences are a follows:
  • Tenter-framed
  • Provides superior layflay
  • Blown
  • Provides more balanced tensile and shrinkage properties

Product Specifications:

  • Gauge-Standard thickness of 12, 15, 25 micron (.5, .6, & 1.0 mil)
  • Treatment-Corona treatment either on or two sides
  • Haze-High transparency available
  • ID-6" cores gnerally recommended to minimize curling issues
  • OD-18" & 24" standard. Custom roll may be available
  • Widths-Minimum of 1 pallet quantity per width. Extrusion web utilization may be required


  • Single and multiple substrate laminations
  • Frozen foods
  • Vacuum pouches
  • Modified atmosphere and gas flush
  • Liquid and viscous food packaging
  • Chemical and agricultural goods
  • Medical supplies
  • NEW-now offer metallized nylon for high barrier application. The film is perfect for balloon manufacturing

Film specifications will be provided upon request once our sales specialists determine the best film version for your needs

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