NOW Plastics appreciates how important it is that you deliver fresh and tasty bakery and catering products to your customers.  That is why we offer a wide variety of specialty films and bags made specifically to meet the demands of these markets.  Our flexible plastic packaging solutions will allow you to package hot breads and be confident that your customers will enjoy the ultimate crusty bread every time.
Now Plastics UK offers an extensive range of plain, micro-perforated and macro punched hole BOPP films and BOPP or CPP bags that have been developed for the packing of bakery products in In-Store Bakeries, Plant Bakeries and Fast Food Outlets.
The films and bags are hightly suitable for the packing of hot breads, morning goods, cakes, plated salads, filled rolls and sandwiches where freshness, hygiene and presentation are essential.
All the films are available in a range of guages and widths and are suitable for use on high speed horizontal and vertical wrapping machines and L'sealers.
Bags can be supplied in either BOPP or CPP in various gauges and sizes.
  • Gauges--18, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40 mu
  • Perforation Patterns--P1, P8, P30 & P160
  • Printed--In up to 8 colours
Bag Options
  • Rectangular
  • Side gusset
  • Bottom gusset
  • Self seal
  • Wicketted, bundled and block headed
  • Euro-slot
Popypropylene Films are available in various thicknesses and widths which are normally demanded by this industry. 
Capabilities are as such: 

Roll Formation- Single Wound & Centerfolded

Thickness-12 to 75 micron 20 to 50 micron

Widths-75mm to 2000mm

Roll Lengths-Customized if necessary; as short as 1000 meters and up to 750mm outside diameter

Print- Rolls are available up to 8 colors, process printing

Perforation-Laser, micro and macro perforations are available
Our PET films and bags are great for hot sandwiches, muffins or pastries especially if they are being reheated or placed in a microwave.  PET has a high heat resistance so it won't melt in the microwave.

Thickness-12 to 30 micron


Print- Rolls are available up to 8 colors, process printing

Perforation-Micro and Macro perforations available


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